About Us

About Us


Launched in 2011,  we have made a vertical and horizontal growth in the Lebanese market during the last five years. Exceling pharm is a reality with a young and prepared team.

It has a sales network all over the lebanese territory. We are a team of highly professional and committed people aimed to focus on high quality products in order to launch them in the Lebanese market.

Our core policy is to gain customer satisfaction by providing them new brands of high quality items.

CEO Message

- Exceling pharm is not just a company name, it is a passion, service, and excellence.

- Exceling pharm has been at the forefront of developing, marketing, and distributing food supplements.

- Exceling pharm considers developing long lasting relationships with its investors, prospective employees, doctors, pharmacists, and all medical professionals.

- Our philosophy is to always operate with the maximum commitment and total transparency.


- Inspired by our allegiance of “Excellence of Health Care Everyday”, we aim at deliveries quality and high efficiency products to our consumers.

- The great care in seeking continuous improvement of our products through the analysis of the newest studies available.

- We consider consistently growing sales and employee’s satisfaction as our success is based on their work.

 - Doctors and pharmacists satisfaction plays a major part in our success.


- Our marketing department has a highly professional and devoted team of individuals who conduct marketing activities in order to identify changing customer’s needs.

- An excellence-oriented approach and a constant commitment to improve and satisfy the expectations of our customers, collaborators and social reality in which our company operates.

- Our team is always available to satisfy the customer’s needs. We do our best every day so that orders are processed promptly, punctually and precisely within 24 hours from the order.

- Our commercial and scientific department staff is kind, professional and available to give you all the information you need on all our services among which a well functioning and always updated.