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Category: Gut Health | Women Wellness

High-Dose Iron & Folic Acid


PHYTOFER contains high-dose ferrous fumarate, the best source of iron, needed for red blood cell formation and oxygen transfer.


PHYTOFER also contains folic acid, based on the latest recommendations.


Folic Acid plays many important roles in the body, including blood formation, metabolism of fats and amino acids, and formation of DNA and RNA.


Pregnant women require iron and folic acid because they prevent birth defects. PHYTOFER also contains Vitamin C, which increases the absorption of iron.


Whether for prevention or treatment, PHYTOFER is your best source of iron and folic acid.



Take as directed by your physician. Do not take calcium supplements or milk products within 2 hours of taking PHYTOFER.


Keep out of reach of children.


Store in a cool, dry place away from sunshine.


Raw material imported from USA and Switzerland. Manufactured under GMP by Pharma M sal, Lebanon.


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