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Category: Nerve Care | Gut Health | Women Wellness | Bone Health

Natural Relaxation of Body and Mind


Phytorelax combines magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B complex which are all needed for normal nerve and muscle function.


It naturally relieves stress and cramps, relaxes muscles, and reduces pain associated with the neuromuscular system.


Phytorelax regulates the production of energy. It energizes the body during the day, and promotes better sleep at night.


Phytorelax should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle, to enhance physical and mental performance, releive stress and relax the body, and promote overall well-being.



Take one capsule in the evening or as directed by your physician.


Keep out of reach of children.


Store in a cool, dry place away from sunshine.


Raw material imported from USA and Switzerland. Manufactured under GMP by Pharma M sal, Lebanon.


هذا المستحضر هو متمم غذائي وليس دواء

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